Description of the organisation

Microdyn-Nadir (MN) with sites in Europe, Asia and USA is one of the global leading manufacturers of micro-, ultra- and nano-filtration membranes and modules. In order to assure this core competence, MN operates a research and development centre in Wiesbaden (headquarter), Germany.

For more than 43 years, the products of Microdyn-Nadir have been applied in various industrial and municipal applications; for example, in water- and wastewater treatment, but also in process integrated applications for recovery, isolation and cleaning of substances to gain an additional benefit. The products' outstanding separation limits allow a high application variety in the most different industries as chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Microdyn-Nadir holds 12 patents.

One of the most innovative products is the submerged BIO-CEL® module for wastewater treatment with membrane bioreactors (MBR). Due to the patented lamination of membrane and spacer material, the BIO-CELL® is the only back-washable flatsheet membrane module worldwide.

In 2009, a new mechanical cleaning process for the BIO-CELL® module was introduced into the market. By using this sustainable cleaning process, no chemicals are used for the membrane cleaning. Additionally, a higher flux and a lower energy demand is achieved.

The main products of Microdyn-Nadir are:

  • NADIR®: membranes and formats
  • SPIRACEL®: spiral wound modules
  • BIO-CEL®: submerged modules
  • SEPRODYN®: modules for fine filtration
  • MICRODYN®: tubular and capillary modules


Contribution to the project

Due to its experience in membrane technology for more than 43 years, MN will mainly focus on the design, assembly and up-scaling of prototypes from the BioNexGen membrane modules (WP7). In the WP7, MN will also be responsible for defining the optimum geometry and the up-scaling parameters and potential options for the large scale manufacturing process as well as first tests with activated sludge. 

In WP8, MN will lead the task of evaluating the findings and results of the field tests with wastewaters from the three selected industries in order to regard to scale up to marketable MBRs. Within WP3 and WP4, MN will make sure that the specific membrane functionalisation steps will be performed by the respective scientific partners in a reasonable way that it can be easily up-scaled in the subsequent WP7. Furthermore, MN will support the specification of requirements in WP1 by defining membrane materials and modules as well as to evaluate first options for potential manufacturing processes.



Dr. Ulrich Meyer-Blumenroth

Managing Director


Tel.: +49 (0)611-962-6418

Fax: +49 (0)611-962-9893



BioNexGen is co-financed by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme