Description of the organisation

The Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI) is a research centre affiliated to the State Minister of Scientific Research. The mission of the Institute is to enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian industry and welfare of society through technological development and technology transfer.

CMRDI offers services to industry covering research projects, consultancy, technical services, training, testing and certification. For almost over three decades of collaboration with the Egyptian industry, these services have focused on the actual demands of the client and applications in the company, giving the Institute a profile of needs pull rather than technology push. 

CMRDI has a longstanding and succesfull collaboration with many national and overseas R&D institutions, which guarantees a sound scientific base. The Institute has also benefited from cooperation with international agencies such as JICA (Japan), TNO (Netherlands) and SIDA (Sweden). Thanks to this support, CMRDI has been able to play an effective role in transferring many technologies to Egyptian industries as well as to other African and Middle-East countries. Through his cooperation with domestic and international R&D institutes, CMRDI gives the opportunity to link scientific discovery with practical implementation into industry. It contributes to the development of human resources and its competence through the dissemination and utilisation of advanced knowledge. 

CMRDI cooperates with existing and new enterprises, individually and in groups or clusters. The goal is to obtain technological renewal, both in specific fields and over a broader perspective. Over 300 contracted industrial R&D projects witness the role the Institute has played in Egyptian industry over 20 years and make it more determined to play a crucial role in the modernisation programme of Egyptian industry.

CMRDI can incubate and give support to the growing number of SMEs in Egypt. This can take the form of carrying out development work, consultancy and quality assurance activities that contribute to a dynamic yet harmonious growth in society as a whole and in selected SMEs sectors which play an increasing role in the Egyptian economy.


Contribution to the project

CMRDI has long-time experience in nanoparticles preparation and functionalisation for applications as anti-microbial agents. Therefore, CMRDI will contribute to the project by providing not only its expertise and knowledge but also by forming the relevant networks in the MENA countries for an effective technology transfer and exploitation of the project's results in this region (WP9).

Due to its longstanding and successful collaborations with institutions and industry in Europe and MENA, CMRDI will largely contribute to the dissemination of the project's results in the MENA region.

Within the project, CMRDI will mainly focus on field tests with already commercially available membrane modules of Mycrodin-Nadir for benchmarking issues as well as field tests with the newly developed BioNexGen membranes, especially focusing on wastewater generated by the textile industry (WP8).

In WP6, CMRDI will set up small BioNexGen test plants in order to test practical wastewater from textile industry in double blind experiments.

Furthermore, CMRDI will support all dissemination activities in terms of translating the relevant documents and promotional materials into Arabic language.


Prof. El-Sayed Ali Abdel-Aal

Head of Advanced Materials Department


Tel.: +2 01 85 47 91 62

Fax: +202 25 01 06 39



BioNexGen is co-financed by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme