The consortium has been carefully selected to ensure a multidisciplinary approach which is necessary to realise this innovative concept.

The project is carried out by 8 European and 3 MENA partners. The geographical location of the European partners strikes a balance between central-northern Europe (UK, Germany) and southern Europe (Italy, Greece). Besides Turkey, which can be regarded as gateway from Europe to MENA, two partners from North Africa and one from the Middle East are joining the consortium.

Besides this, the consortium consists of 4 categories of partners:

  1. academic partners
  2. industrial partners
  3. technology transfer institutions
  4. demonstrators.

The following map shows the well-balanced geographical coverage according to each partner’s expertise to achieve the project objectives.

Geographical coverage of the BioNexGen consortiumGeographical coverage of the BioNexGen consortium
BioNexGen is co-financed by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme