Description of the organisation

The Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax (CBS) was created by the decree N°83-1037 of November 4, 1983, reorganising the National Institute of Scientific and Technical Research. Since January 1989, CBS became an independent institution whose budget is attached for order to the state budget. A highly qualified kernel of researchers tries to develop and industrialise projects dealing with biotechnology in Tunisia. CBS has the infrastructure necessary for realising projects financed by international organisations such as UNDP, ICGIB, EU, e.g. and large pilot plant laboratories. Amongst 5 laboratories, the Laboratory of Bioprocesses has the role of studying the biological system involved in the aerobic and anaerobic degradation of urban and industrial wastewaters. This laboratory had made experience in bioprocesses development such as bio energy production, composting, biological pre-treatment of industrial and urban effluents and membrane bioreactor technology.

Research in those last fields revealed the need of switching from lab scale experiments to pilot scale tests as well as improving research in integrated processes for water management and energy production



Contribution to the project

CBS has long-time experience in biotechnology, especially aerobic and anaerobic degradation of urban and industrial wastewater using membrane technology. CBS will contribute invaluably to the project by providing not only its expertise and knowledge but also by forming the relevant networks in the MENA countries for an effective technology transfer and exploitation (exploitation strategy) of the project's results in this region (WP9).

Within the project, CBS will mainly focus on field tests with already commercially available membrane modules of Microdyn-Nadir for benchmarking issues as well as field tests with the newly developed BioNexGen membranes, especially focusing on surfactants wastewater generated by the cosmetic industry (WP8).

In WP6, CBS will set up small BioNexGen test plants in order to test practical wastewater from cosmetics industry in double blind experiments as well as the performance of the developed membrane sheets.

Furthermore, CBS will support all dissemination activities in terms of translating the relevant documents and promotional materials into Arabic language.



Prof. Dr. Sami Sayadi

Head Laboratory


Tel.: +216 74 874 452

Fax: +216 74 874 452



BioNexGen is co-financed by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme